A Work In Progress

You're currenlty viewing the redesign for my website. Some design features may work and some… not quite as I designed. For the best experience I recommend using a webkit browser such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari. Alternatively, Mozilla Firefox will also provide the same experience. This design is currently formatted for screen resolutions 1366 wide or less. This will soon be updated to accomidate any screen resolution.

Thank you for your understanding.


A Little Bit About Me

Scott Engemann - Yes, that's really me!

My name is Scott Engemann and I'm a front-end web designer/developer.

I've always had a passion for web design and development and I love the chance to improve on design techniques as well as development. I have a very unique set of skills that I've developed over the years. With a background in Digital Animation and Game Design, I enjoy taking my 3D Graphics along with my User Experience skills and putting them to use in my work.

My next area for improvement is one that has really grown over the years: Mobile Application Development. I'm just starting out with Android Development but I'm very eager to learn and develop this skill. Over the past few years, I've watched the mobile world take off with no signs of slowing down. I hope that very soon I'll have the skills to start making several mobile applications.

With the new design of my site I hope to experiment with HTML5 and CSS3 as well as JavaScript. I feel that over the past year or two my abilities in these areas have really grown.